This is where I give my 2 cents on all of the Celebrity drama and gossip y’all. No matter where we are and what we have going on, celebs entertain us even off stage. Don’t you love it? Hey, if they want the attention, they’ll get it. Remember, this is my two cents only so if the “truth” comes out later, that’s them. I may give my two cents on their “truth”.


Hello all,

I have started this blog site because I have a lot that goes on in my mind, especially when I read the mess that goes on in Hollywood. I wanted to do something other than the seriousness all the time. I wanted to start this to have some fun. Throw some shade. Just start the buzz and get people talking. I hope you enjoy what you’ve read. I hope that you leave a comment just to say hi Kash, I was here.

Thanks Loves.


Mo’Nique…What happened?

Like many of you I have been a Mo’Nique fan since Two Can Play That Game and The Parkers. So, when she won the Oscar for the movie Precious, like me, you thought she was going to be everywhere.

She disappeared and like you I wondered why?

Where the hell is Mo’Nique?

We find out she was black balled from the industry. Lee Daniels allegedly offered her the role of Cookie but it was taken and given to Taraji.

I can’t see Mo in that role anyway. Moving on, since then she has been going off. She went from one interview to another and was complaining. Unfortunately, she was given attention more for the negativity than anything.

Fuck Oprah

Fuck Tyler

Fuck Lee Daniels

The list possibly continues. I don’t have a problem with anyone speaking out against Bullshit. I do it often. I try to be careful to not cross the line. There’s a fine line between speaking out for a cause and looking plain ole bitter.

She deserves much better than $500,000. We cannot forget that she was black balled and Netflix was taking a shot. I say take it. Make your special and prove your worth. When we came and bought the numbers, next special demand more. She could have denied it all together and continued her comedy tours. She could have built herself up. Gain her fan base. In some cases, regained her fan base. Then went back to Netflix and negotiated.

I feel that Mo needs a better team. Some advisors who would guide her in the right direction. I know she’s worth more but when you’re black balled, you must prove yourself again.

She also could create her own doors. 22 to 25 years, did she not pay attention? She needs to do her thing and stop with the bitter act. I want to see her win. Take that anger and build her OWN empire. I believe the fans are just tired of the complaining. Go back to work. Speaking out is not a problem. Knowing your worth, again no problem. We just need you to get back to work. The new generation doesn’t know you like that. Amy whatever is not funny at all but she appeals to the audience she attracts. Make your move and stop tripping until you get more power.

Good luck to you Mo’Nique. Use the anger. Use the pain to build your own. You got this.

Black-Rob at it again

Robert Kardashian, my goodness son. So in case you hadn’t heard all of the juicy gossip, Robert Kardashian got all up in his feelings and he wanted to let social media know what he was thinking. So between blasting Chyna with nude photos, and videos of her with other men, and screenshots of those broke and tired men sending him TEXT messages; he’s been telling it all.

So I sat and watched all of this fuckery unfold and all of the commentary on it and other’s opinions including Tami Roman, Snoop, and TIP and I have one question…

How da fuck did these men get his phone number?

I guess I had to be the one to ask this question. You know that I over think things but that’s the billion dollar question. He placed these men’s phone numbers on blast per screen shots but still.

I had to ask that question because it makes no sense. Did Chyna give these men the phone number? Why are we giving phone numbers to men who felt froggy enough to not only call the man but ask him for ends? This cannot be real y’all. I would like to think that men are not this desperate for attention that they would ask a famous ex boyfriend for a come up. SMH!

I guess if Chyna could allegedly send him this video of her making out with another dude, I guess she could give out his phone number.

Whether or not you like TIP, you have to admit that the man made sense. Yes Rob take your ass off of social media and quit putting your shit out there. My goodness. For someone who claims to not like the attention, you’d do anything for it.

Who does that remind you of?


Now don’t get me wrong, I like Robert Kardashian but not enough to make him out to be the victim here. I would like to believe that Chyna is not this witch that he is painting her out to be. I would like to believe that she’s sending him a message of back the hell up. Now, she has been known to take him back or at least look like she did but at the end of the day it never works out.

Let’s look at their “love” shall we. So it started out with a friendship with Kim Kardashian. Tyga went to perform for Kylie. Tyga started fucking Kylie. The friendship between Kim and Chyna ended. Chyna was left without a Kardashian friend and her husband or boyfriend or whatever. After a series of posts throwing shade between Chyna and Kylie, Chyna and Rob suddenly got close. They were exercising. See, the family pushed Rob to the side. As Rob would tell it, Mother Kardashian/Jenner paid attention to her daughters and neglected him. She wouldn’t help out with his sock line. So he disappeared, gained weight, and suddenly resurfaced with a hurt and betrayed Chyna.

We the people questioned the validity of their relationship. It’s strange how Kylie stole her man and the Kardashians trashed Robert like he was a no body. Since dating Chyna would get under their skin and a baby would ruin any real chances of Tyga and Kylie having children, well….good revenge plot. Nice for soap operas.


The problem with revenge plots is someone forgets that it was a game. Someone started to develop real feelings. This is totally against the playa handbook. Come on y’all. Really? Playa 101 you don’t fuck up your game by catching long term feelings for a temporary situation.

I am not saying that they both didn’t really develop feelings like that BUT things happened way too fast. They went from exercising Rob (he never lost weight to me but maybe you say differently) to being in a relationship. To getting her pregnant. To Getting engaged. To having a failed reality tv show. To then separating. Her leaving your home and taking the food and all. To getting back together. To this mess.

It makes me wonder if they really have this messed up relationship due to all of Rob’s alleged problems. If Rob is really this thirsty for attention although he claims to not like the media attention. If they are playing us for saps and since the Kardashian girls aren’t bringing in the attention that they used to, that Robert and Chyna is being used to sucker us back to the Kardashians.

Back to the whole TIP thing. Like him anymore or not the man was right. Unless all of this is once again another publicity stunt or a ploy to get us to attack Chyna while you once again play the victim Rob, keep your stuff off of the internet. How much in love could you have been with this woman to expose her kat to the internet? I can’t get behind that. Stripper or not, she is now a brand and her body is hers. If she wants to release nudes, then SHE should do so. Not you. I don’t view Rob as a victim anymore. He plays the role but not that well. Is Robert Kardashian the victim in all of this? Not alone. The only victim is that baby. That precious baby is caught in between the BS of her parents and their actions. That precious baby is all that I feel for in all honesty. I cannot feel sorry for Robert Kardashian. He built his new fame based on people feeling sorry for him. Not me. Not any more.

Now if things come out to where Chyna was just plain ole mean to him and stuff then I would change my views. Chyna could not have been in a relationship with Tyga for as long as she had and been good to him and felt the hurt that she felt when he left her for the 17 year old. I would love to give Chyna the benefit of doubt and say that on some small level she loved Rob but he may have been too much for her. Maybe being a woman joining that family could be too much. Who knows. I am not passing judgment on her. I want to wait to get a real statement from her.

Right now she’s single, loving life, and worry free. If her acting single when she’s single bothers him then stop sweating her. Get himself together for real and MOVE ON!

Evelyn Lozada Vs. Jackie Christie

Okay so I am so late but I want to discuss this “issue” because it’s quite stupid and sad then messy. Evelyn Lozada returned to the Basketball Wives after leaving the series to star in her own series on OWN. The show is on hiatus right now and no telling if it would return. So many people including myself, was not happy about her return. It’s because I really like the new Evelyn and I hate to see her belittle who she is to end up on a show like that.

The basketball wives’ series typically focuses on the messiness and drama of rich women who are mostly black. It shines a negative light that elaborates on the saying, “You can take the girl out of the hood but you cannot take the hood out of the girl.” It’s actually sad if you think about it. When I saw that she would return I was heartbroken. Anger much like many things is an addiction. When you go into rehab, you’re supposed to learn coping mechanisms. You’re supposed to learn how to deal with stressors without resorting to inappropriate behaviors.

Well, because of the negative light shined on women of color with money, I felt that this show is poisonous to her recovery. Being a fellow New Yorker and growing up in the hood most of my life, I understand how defensive you’d have to be just to be left alone. I understand her and Tami quite well. I hoped that Ev would have left that show and left the negativity the show represents.

Then we have Jackie Christie. She is just messy. She says and does things knowing that it would piss off anyone and then play dumb. All of the drama were not quite her fault, this time but her reactions makes you almost not want to feel for her. Jackie is always putting 20 on 10 and you come to expect that about her. If she don’t put that alcohol down and get her life. SMH.

Now this issue started due to Evelyn donating money to Jackie Christie’s OTHER daughter’s son’s Go Fund Me account. Jackie made a big deal out of it. Of course, since Tami was angry with Ev at the time she tried to help keep it going but Jackie didn’t completely take the bait. Then Ev and Tami became “friends” again and then Jackie didn’t like it. They called it a ponderosa. I thought they were talking about the restaurant. It’s a steak house here in West Virginia. Urban dictionary says it’s a house or home of folks so…as suspected the terminology is misused.

So this goes on and on for a few episodes. blah. Then Jackie goes off on another cast mate. YAWN! Evelyn being who she is, felt the need to protect this woman. I cannot. I am sure that Ev could have been on the show without having to pick a fight with someone who really didn’t do anything to her. It wasn’t until Evelyn got a taste of her own medicine, (I had to chuckle. sorry!) that made Evelyn strike. After a long drawn out bullshit drama Jackie threw Evelyn’s own words towards her “You’re a non-Mother Fucking factor, bitch!” So now Ev has reached her boiling point and went to pounce. Ev says something about Jackie needing to take care of her grandchildren. Tami told Jackie who  didn’t realize Jackie didn’t hear what was said (maybe). Jackie responded by calling Ev’s daughter a build a whore. Wow!

People are mad talking about Ev started it. NO! Ev told her to take care of her grandchildren. She didn’t call any of them names. She didn’t do any of that. So I would say that once again, Jackie is putting 20 on 10 and that’s all.

This show is just sad this season. I keep hoping that it would get better but I find myself paying attention to ANYTHING other than the show. I am not sure if I am out growing the reality tv world or if it’s so obvious that it’s scripted. Why are we rehashing bullshit stories? Evelyn started out angry with Tami about the truth of her sleeping with a married man? They had one pow wow and it was squashed and they are homies again? In the words of Donald Trump, this is fake news. Lol. The Go Fund Me account had been closed for about a year maybe or close to it. Why are we discussing this now? It’s so obviously fake. They keep Jackie sauced up in order to either give her an excuse to act like a fool or that’s the only way she acts a fool.

I wonder if this is the way to break out again to do a show that would be just Jackie and the other folks and then another show with Ev, Shaunie, Tami, and maybe Jennifer? I am not sure. I am so bored this season. I was more interested in looking at my ceiling fan than this season. Either I have reached the point or age where I am tired of black women being the butt of jokes and playing into the negative stereotype or this season is just really bad. Are you telling me that you’ve married or dated well and you still act like that? You have money now but no class? You hadn’t learned emotional self control? I get that it’s called reality tv, but come on man. I hope Evelyn has her own show again and do what she’s doing. All of that fighting and anger and stress is not good for someone trying to have a baby.

BTW…Why are we not angry with Matt Barnes? He donated as well like 3K. In case none of you understand this corny beef, here’s a photo of the Sexy Matt and the precious baby that’s RICH Jackie Christie’s grandson.

Matt Barnes and the Grandson. Listen, my adopted mother and I did not have the best relationship BUT if my child was in this condition; no matter how she would have been feeling about me she would have been there for him. What’s wrong with Jackie?Matt-Barnes-donates-to-gofundme-Jackie-Christie-burned-grandson

Carrie Fisher The Death of A Princess.

Carrie Fisher, better known as Princess Leia from the Star Wars movies has passed away on 12/27/2016 at the age of 60 due to the complications of an heart attack she had some times last week. 

All of her Star Wars fans are deeply hurt by such a tragic loss. Her youthful image was used in Rogue One. I wonder what they are going to do now. They cannot get anyone else to play the princess. Carrie also authored a few books. Her latest one is somewhat of a tell all which includes her affair with the married Harrison Ford or Hans Solo. Harrison was sexy though and he aged well. If I were her I’d probably do the same. Just saying. She was touring her latest book shown here

I’m buying a copy and might do a review. On behalf of all of us Star Wars fans, Carrie, we love you and we will miss you so much. I cannot imagine Star Wars without you. May you rest in beauty.

May the force be with you. 

Again Lena. How about you think before you speak? Geez!

Do you remember this woman? She put her foot in her mouth the last time about Odell Beckham Jr. She went on this whole rant about how he didn’t even notice her and looked at his phone the whole time. Now this is the same woman who constantly calls attention to issues of being objectified by men. So had Mr. Beckham Jr. stared her down and asked her out, she would have gone on another tirade. Well, she went looking like the way she looked in the featured photo. Not all men are into women who looked like they could be in their locker rooms. She issued an apology but it didn’t stop the internet from going in and going hard on this confused woman.

Now she has her foot in her mouth again. Lena did a podcast where she talked about abortion. She was asked about her troubles with abortion and she had admitted that she never had one. Somewhere in the conversation she made the quote; “I wish I had an abortion.” Now when I first read the caption, I took it completely different than I did when I read the articles. At first I thought that she had a child and wished she had aborted it. Not being a listener of her diatribe, I didn’t know the content in which the statement was made.

I am all for the rights of women. I feel this woman takes things to such an extreme and I am disgusted by the way she sexualized Mr. Beckham. The brother is sexy but still. You tell men not to look. You tell men not to comment. You tell men not to say much of anything. So if you don’t want to attract the opposite sex, judging by the way you looked at that event; then why get angry when they give you what you want? See, this is why men go ape shit crazy. Most women are so confusing. I get annoyed listening to the conversations. I feel like I want to go to the women often and say “MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND BITCH!” Okay, that was harsh but still.

Women’s issues need to be discussed and understood. Once we get to that point, then we could get to actions. Women are often divided on whether or not abortions should be legal. The thing is, abortions are going to happen legal or not. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Lena touched on a very sensitive subject. This is a subject that literally creates waves. Women alone sway back and forth on the subject. There are women who’s had an abortion and are very pleased with their decision. It may have been difficult for some and not as difficult for others. There are others who’s had the abortion and regretted it and still do.

Lena should have THOUGHT BEFORE SPEAKING. That seems to be the issue with her. She doesn’t think before speaking and causes these storms that often outrages folks. This is an issue that should have been approached with caution. She should have been sensitive to the folks who actually listen to her diatribe. Now, after reading, I knew that she didn’t mean it the way that I took it at first. It was, however, quite insensitive. In addition to those who doesn’t believe that abortion is an answer, she should have been mindful of those who live with the regret of the decision to abort. In other words, she pissed off both sides of the argument.

Personally, I am not against feminism. I think it’s great to empower women to reach greater heights and create greener pastures. I hate the discrimination of feminists and I hate the hypocrisy of feminist. This is not the place for me to discuss heavy issues. I will discuss this further on my other blog site.

Lena had to apologize for being an ass. Then decided to throw money to fund abortions. Girl bye. How about you go back to acting, producing, and directing? Leave the deep thinkers to those who could articulate correctly. Who could be sensitive to the needs of the public. Granted you would not make everyone happy. Someone would get angry. Still, you should try to be political correct and tactful in your delivery. Make your point. Explain it then. Otherwise, you’re going to be always throwing money at the problem. Next time, there would be a person who would personally benefit from your “sizable donations.”

Y’all know how sue happy people could get. Just saying!


Alright, let me know what you think? Did you listen to the podcast? Do you follow her often? Are you a fan? Do you agree with what she said or disagree?

Thanks for stopping by.

Are Chyna and Rob Back On?

According to Yahoo Celebrity, it looks like Rob sent out a sweet Instagram message and @BlacChyna in it. He apologized to her for acting the way that he did. He told her that he was going to get some help for his issues. Then he put a photo up of their baby and said how the baby was his whole world.

AWE! How Sweet!

It’s not reported whether or not they are back together but we shall see. Here’s my beef with all of this…WHY SOCIAL MEDIA?

Listen, we all have beef with our loves a time or two or a million. I am in a committed relationship and we have problems from time to time. I don’t take it to social media. This is why I questioned in my last blog how real is this shit?

Are we going to have to deal with an explosion on social media every time there’s a problem? What about dealing with this stuff face to face? Whatever happened to calling someone on the phone? Why social media? I guess it’s all to keep them relevant. Chyna and Rob are cute enough that they don’t have to resort to suck fuckery. They should be able to have their relationship and keep it out of the media.

Is this the culture of reality television stars? All problems goes on social media. Whether they are together or not, they need to find a better solution to their problem. If Chyna feels that Rob is verbally abusive, then maybe she needs to keep him out of her life-like that. They could be friends, they could co-parent, but nothing more. The baby doesn’t need a hostile home environment.

Whether their beef was real or if it was fake it was entertaining, child. I just hope for the sake of the baby, they could keep it cool. Remember Rob and Chyna; your baby will get older. She will see all of this. Before getting married, the verbal abuse needs to stop. It will only get worse.

If they are going to work it out, then I wish them the best. If they are going to stay broken up, if they were really broken up, I hope they co-parent and get along for the baby’s sake. Dream Kardashian needs a dream home and family. Don’t turn it into a nightmare.



Good luck.

Nino Brown versus The Kardashians

Apparently this rapper is from the rap group Junior M.A.F.I.A. Junior Mafia was popular in the 90s. They did a lot with Bad Boy records with mogul Sean P.Diddy Combs. You could find them with the late Biggie and with Lil Kim. 

Out of the blue there’s a sudden beef with the Kardashian family. Now black men don’t go ham on these women so I’m suspicious. What’s up? Why? Nino Brown shared a telephone text message he exchanged with Kim Kardashian. It went like this: 

Yeah I wasn’t typing all of that. Now he’s saying that Kim’s attorney contacted him about the video he posted going off on YouTube. He said that if they gave him 5 million and left black men alone forever he would get rid of the video. 

😳Listen I am not exactly sold on this. The timing is interesting. When Kim was going to make her debut back into the spotlight after being away because of the robbery, Kanye West had a breakdown and was hospitalized. Then when he was discharged, Kim was coming out again but Kanye went to meet Donald Trump. She released a photo but no one cared. The photo featured her, Hilary Clinton, and Kanye. Again…no one cared. We were all bitching about Kanye and Trump. 

So now all of a sudden here’s a known rapper who has a “problem” with the family? It would seem to be another publicity stunt to get attention from the media and the public. No black man complains about the Kardashians. Why is her attorney contacting him over the internet? If they have each other’s personal phone number, then why opt for Social media? 

Law offices could send a private message to folks not close to the celebrity they represent. Yes they can. They could also get the social media page to take down content especially YouTube. Shout out to Loveli Ti who is constantly getting flagged for speaking the truth. Had the attorney knew her personal info they would contact her at home or on her phone. 

I am going to watch this closely. It would either suddenly go away or if this is real, Nino Brown could be charged with extortion. I do not trust the b.s. when it comes to them. I feel this is the way to get more fame by folks feeling sorry for them or getting more black women to attack them. For all we know, he could be using this for his own personal gain. 

No one hears about Junior Mafia like that. Maybe they’re making a comeback and need the controversy. He could be using the black woman’s disgust of the Kardashian family to get money from us. If they weren’t cool then how did he get her number? 

Kim would do anything for fame. She is obviously no match for her husband. I will sit back and watch this mess. Lets see what is going to happen.

Do you believe this is true? Is it for publicity?  Lets get the discussion started. Thanks for stopping by.  Check his YouTube channel for his rant.