Evelyn Lozada’s Return to Basketball Wives

I don’t know about you but I love Evelyn…now. I appreciated her so much better on her own show on OWN. I thought she presented another side to her that was much better represented. When she had the chance to deck someone, that manager of hers she didn’t. I cannot see where returning to the Basketball Wives franchise would be a good look for her.

My thoughts of Evelyn on that franchise are one of two things; fights or crying. When she wasn’t fighting, she was crying over Chad. Her exit from the franchise turned a lot of people off. Now some people were touched that she shared such details on national television. I thought it was sweet. As much as I like feisty and fighter Evelyn, I liked the Evelyn on Living Lozada. I loved who she was and looked forward to returning to see her every Saturday. I hope that she doesn’t have to portray herself as ratchet anymore.

To be honest, I watch that franchise for the ratchetness and my thoughts of Evelyn has changed for the better. Seeing her act a fool for the cameras would diminish who I think of her to be now. I love Evelyn and who she shows herself to be on OWN. I don’t want VH1 to turn my Evelyn into a demon. She deserves better and she is much better than that. I love Tami but she better leave my Evelyn alone. Lol. I love Tami and I hope she and Evelyn could rehash things and come to better terms. I liked them as friends better than enemies. Us New Yorker’s got to stick together. You know what I mean?

I really want Royce and Susie back. Maybe even crazy ass Kenya Bell. I don’t care for the other guests. Maybe some of the original LA girls could come back and make it interesting. I don’t know what Shaunie O’Neal is thinking when she fired most of the other girls. With one exception…hmm. I hope she knows what she’s doing. I hope Evelyn doesn’t lose the Evelyn she developed on her show on OWN. I would hate for her to succumb to the fuckery of VH1. She has way more class than that. I also hope she keeps her spot on The Real. I love the way she is there too!


Tell me what you think. Should she be on the show? Do you prefer the Ev that fights all the time or the new one on OWN? Leave me your comments.



Author: kashavera

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