Why is Tommie Beefing with Joseline?

images6uj5tt51Tommie still trippin on Joseline Hernandez. Recently she released a video going hard on Joseline. Smh. I cannot with you Tommie. Well as Tommie went in on my girl Joseline, the internet went just as hard on Tommie. Now listen, to be honest with you I did not believe the pregnancy announcement. I feel bad for not believing it but I felt it was too coincidental. This announcement came out right after it was rumored that her show was cancelled. Stevie J had a new show and she was not on it. Not to mention Stevie was rumored to have been dating Faith Evans.

I thought it was another one of Joseline’s little plans to get her man back. Then as time went on, there was a bump. I still doubted it. Then that bump grew. Then I believed it. She looks beautiful. Pregnant works well for her and I hope she has a great delivery and a wonderful motherhood. I hope that this baby would change her life in a way that she couldn’t even imagine. I wish Joseline well.

Well, not Tommie. Tommie still have beef with her and Tommie needs to sit her ass down somehwere. First of all, why are we threatening pregnant women? The woman don’t have time for anyone’s bullshit right now. I am so proud of Joseline because she don’t have time to be worrying about Tommie coming across thirsty as hell. That’s what she’s looking like y’all. Thirsty and tired. How tacky of a person do you have to be to attack a pregnant woman?

Joseline, girl, even when that baby arrives you need to focus on that blessing and not that mess who needs you for fame. Tommie, don’t you have other things you could do besides start shit with Joseline? You were on Love and Hip Hop, so what do you do boo? It’s rumored that her story line was fake as hell and all she did was turn her rage on Joseline. Shouldn’t she be mad as hell at Karlie Redd? Smh.

Joseline you do what you do and take care of that baby that I am sure will be beautiful. Tommie, girl, get a job.

Finding a photo of Tommie not looking crazy or arrested was not easy y’all. That was the nicest picture that I could find. Sorry if anyone was offended.

Leave your comments down below.  Let me know what you think. Do you think Joseline should beat that ass real quick? Do you think that she should just let Tommie talk and focus on raising her baby?


Author: kashavera

I am a published author with a lot to say.

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