Jackie Christie what’s up? She’s your daughter!

This is old news but I want to put in my two cents. Someone messaged me on FB to do this story and y’all about to get me over here crying and shit. I will hold it together for y’all. I like Jackie Cristie. That is one messy bitch and I love it…for the CAMERAS. I don’t mind her starting shit and not owning up to it when it comes to the BBWLA. I don’t mind watching her ass get drunk and not handle her liquor well. I enjoy the drama. It keeps me very well entertained. The show without Jackie would be boring as hell. Okay? Well…that is until she starts talking about her daughters. Wait, she doesn’t. She talks about the one and not the other.

Her dark-skinned, fat daughter is what the other one is called. I am sad for this girl. Could you imagine having your younger sister watch what you eat and how long you exercise? That has to be a form of child abuse. Let’s just say, I am glad that youngest is a boy. Look at recent years Jackie, she’s not so skinny. She is a thick woman. I think in the last season she underwent some liposuction but that’s still not her body remaining skinny. Not everyone who starts out skinny, ends up skinny. Some start fat and end up skinny and some start skinny and end of fat. Some wherever they started is how they finish.

For Jackie Christie to fat shame her own daughter, shame on you Jackie. Being tacky towards your cast mates are one thing, but your daughter and your grandchild is a whole new ballpark. imagesl0bsrzpdThat beautiful young lady is the daughter that Jackie never talks about. Her name is Takari. She is beautiful and so is her name. Takari has a baby who needed medical attention. After an incident in daycare left him burned on his beautiful skin, Takari’s friend set up a Go-Fund-me account on behalf of the baby. Evelyn Lozada donatedevelyn-lozada-latina-magazine-2013-1372800919        and so did Matt Barnes matt-barnes. Jackie Christie did not help her daughter not one time. Jackie said that her daughter never reached out to her for help? Yeah right! Then again it could be possible. I wouldn’t ask you for anything if I had that relationship with you too. Considering that is your grandson, Jackie, you could put all bullshit drama to the side and made sure your grand baby was okay. Even if you didn’t want to give the money to Takari, you could have called the hospital and saw what it would cost and then paid the bill or put something on it. More than a penny, hell, more than 500 dollars. It saddens me how messed up this relationship is. Before my mother passed away, I didn’t get along with her. My mother, adopted mother, told me she hated me on many occasions. Still I went to visit with her every chance that I got. I was there for her whether she wanted me there or not. I was blessed to have two mothers. One gave birth to me and the other raised me from 14 on. Although our relationship was rocky, she was there when it counted. I am disgusted by you Jackie Christie because it’s bullshit. How do you sleep in that big ass house of yours, while your daughter is crying over her son? How do you kiss your son goodnight, when your daughter is crying over her son?

I never understood why people take their families for granted. I would give anything in this world to have my mother right here with me. When times are hard and I have no where left to turn, in my heart I know that if my mother was alive, she would be right there. No matter how bad things got between my mother and I, if my child needed help she wouldn’t let me or anyone stop her for doing her part to help my kid.


Jackie Christie, you make me sick!

Sorry guys but when I read stories of parents and children having unnecessary problems, it gets me worked up.

Tell me what you think. Do you believe that Jackie should not help her daughter? Do you believe that Takari should beg her mother for whatever help needed? Do you think Jackie C is full of shit? Let me know in the comments below.


Author: kashavera

I am a published author with a lot to say.

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