President Elect Donald Trump has a sit down with Rapper Kanye West

Is it just me or does Trump look uneasy with Kanye. For them to have been friends for years, he looks uncomfortable. According to Kanye, he went to meet with the President Elect just to discuss multicultural issues. He arrived with is entourage at Trump Towers. President Elect Trump took the time to meet and greet with the rapper for about a half an hour and then came down to take photos for the press. Now Kanye says on Twitter “I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change. I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues. These issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and Violence in Chicago.” Then the rapper went on to say “#2024”

Brother please! Those issues would take at least two or more hours. Each issue is so complex that there’s no way to discuss that in 30 minutes. Now way. Not for a real open dialogue. The educational system is so messed up right now. The poorer the neighborhood (black and white) the worst it gets. Do you realize that children in rural West Virginia aren’t even being taught how to write in cursive? My old friend says that when her daughter was taken from private school and placed in public school, the girl wrote in cursive. Although she spelled every word correctly, the teacher deducted points and told her to write in print. Sad, isn’t it!

I am not sure what happened in those 30 minutes. That was enough time for President Elect Trump to say, “Now Kanye, we are going to go downstairs and play nice. You know the negro community is going to be angry with you at first. They love you and will move on. We are going to smile and act like we are true friends. That would get them to vote for me the next election. Kanye, I don’t want to hear any more of this 2020 nonsense. That’s my time.” Kanye agreed and they plotted some more. They even rehearsed what to say and what not to say. trump-kanye-west-759

Now that would take about 30 minutes. Not those so called discussions Kanye has claimed.

In listening to my favorite YouTube personality, Loveli Ti; I agree with her and I didn’t want to at first. Notice how Jay Z and Beyoncé were tight with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama? Maybe Kanye was trying his hands at this president. President Obama can’t stand Kanye. Kim would have been a bad look for Michelle. With this President and First Lady, I don’t see how they all would be a bad fit. If that’s the case, then this is so childish.

I am thinking that with the way Trump ran his campaign and the fans that Kanye has, he could use Kanye as a tool of oppression. Maybe I am giving way too much credit or Trump has us all fooled. Trump could not be as racist or ignorant as he led his campaign for the past few months. Trump could be ready to take all of us minorities out. I guess we would have to see. Kanye, you just got out of the hospital man. Go to bed. Get some rest. Stop with the foolishness. Let’s not use Trump for your childish games against Jay Z and Beyoncé.

What’s with the Blonde hair Kanye? You look a mess. I need the old Kanye back. I need “Jesus Walks” Kanye back. I don’t like this new Kanye.

What do you think happened in that room? Do you think it’s possible to have a multicultural conversation with all of those topics in 30 minutes? Leave me your comments.



Author: kashavera

I am a published author with a lot to say.

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