Again Lena. How about you think before you speak? Geez!

Do you remember this woman? She put her foot in her mouth the last time about Odell Beckham Jr. She went on this whole rant about how he didn’t even notice her and looked at his phone the whole time. Now this is the same woman who constantly calls attention to issues of being objectified by men. So had Mr. Beckham Jr. stared her down and asked her out, she would have gone on another tirade. Well, she went looking like the way she looked in the featured photo. Not all men are into women who looked like they could be in their locker rooms. She issued an apology but it didn’t stop the internet from going in and going hard on this confused woman.

Now she has her foot in her mouth again. Lena did a podcast where she talked about abortion. She was asked about her troubles with abortion and she had admitted that she never had one. Somewhere in the conversation she made the quote; “I wish I had an abortion.” Now when I first read the caption, I took it completely different than I did when I read the articles. At first I thought that she had a child and wished she had aborted it. Not being a listener of her diatribe, I didn’t know the content in which the statement was made.

I am all for the rights of women. I feel this woman takes things to such an extreme and I am disgusted by the way she sexualized Mr. Beckham. The brother is sexy but still. You tell men not to look. You tell men not to comment. You tell men not to say much of anything. So if you don’t want to attract the opposite sex, judging by the way you looked at that event; then why get angry when they give you what you want? See, this is why men go ape shit crazy. Most women are so confusing. I get annoyed listening to the conversations. I feel like I want to go to the women often and say “MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND BITCH!” Okay, that was harsh but still.

Women’s issues need to be discussed and understood. Once we get to that point, then we could get to actions. Women are often divided on whether or not abortions should be legal. The thing is, abortions are going to happen legal or not. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Lena touched on a very sensitive subject. This is a subject that literally creates waves. Women alone sway back and forth on the subject. There are women who’s had an abortion and are very pleased with their decision. It may have been difficult for some and not as difficult for others. There are others who’s had the abortion and regretted it and still do.

Lena should have THOUGHT BEFORE SPEAKING. That seems to be the issue with her. She doesn’t think before speaking and causes these storms that often outrages folks. This is an issue that should have been approached with caution. She should have been sensitive to the folks who actually listen to her diatribe. Now, after reading, I knew that she didn’t mean it the way that I took it at first. It was, however, quite insensitive. In addition to those who doesn’t believe that abortion is an answer, she should have been mindful of those who live with the regret of the decision to abort. In other words, she pissed off both sides of the argument.

Personally, I am not against feminism. I think it’s great to empower women to reach greater heights and create greener pastures. I hate the discrimination of feminists and I hate the hypocrisy of feminist. This is not the place for me to discuss heavy issues. I will discuss this further on my other blog site.

Lena had to apologize for being an ass. Then decided to throw money to fund abortions. Girl bye. How about you go back to acting, producing, and directing? Leave the deep thinkers to those who could articulate correctly. Who could be sensitive to the needs of the public. Granted you would not make everyone happy. Someone would get angry. Still, you should try to be political correct and tactful in your delivery. Make your point. Explain it then. Otherwise, you’re going to be always throwing money at the problem. Next time, there would be a person who would personally benefit from your “sizable donations.”

Y’all know how sue happy people could get. Just saying!


Alright, let me know what you think? Did you listen to the podcast? Do you follow her often? Are you a fan? Do you agree with what she said or disagree?

Thanks for stopping by.


Author: kashavera

I am a published author with a lot to say.

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