Carrie Fisher The Death of A Princess.

Carrie Fisher, better known as Princess Leia from the Star Wars movies has passed away on 12/27/2016 at the age of 60 due to the complications of an heart attack she had some times last week. 

All of her Star Wars fans are deeply hurt by such a tragic loss. Her youthful image was used in Rogue One. I wonder what they are going to do now. They cannot get anyone else to play the princess. Carrie also authored a few books. Her latest one is somewhat of a tell all which includes her affair with the married Harrison Ford or Hans Solo. Harrison was sexy though and he aged well. If I were her I’d probably do the same. Just saying. She was touring her latest book shown here

I’m buying a copy and might do a review. On behalf of all of us Star Wars fans, Carrie, we love you and we will miss you so much. I cannot imagine Star Wars without you. May you rest in beauty.

May the force be with you. 


Author: kashavera

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