Evelyn Lozada Vs. Jackie Christie

Okay so I am so late but I want to discuss this “issue” because it’s quite stupid and sad then messy. Evelyn Lozada returned to the Basketball Wives after leaving the series to star in her own series on OWN. The show is on hiatus right now and no telling if it would return. So many people including myself, was not happy about her return. It’s because I really like the new Evelyn and I hate to see her belittle who she is to end up on a show like that.

The basketball wives’ series typically focuses on the messiness and drama of rich women who are mostly black. It shines a negative light that elaborates on the saying, “You can take the girl out of the hood but you cannot take the hood out of the girl.” It’s actually sad if you think about it. When I saw that she would return I was heartbroken. Anger much like many things is an addiction. When you go into rehab, you’re supposed to learn coping mechanisms. You’re supposed to learn how to deal with stressors without resorting to inappropriate behaviors.

Well, because of the negative light shined on women of color with money, I felt that this show is poisonous to her recovery. Being a fellow New Yorker and growing up in the hood most of my life, I understand how defensive you’d have to be just to be left alone. I understand her and Tami quite well. I hoped that Ev would have left that show and left the negativity the show represents.

Then we have Jackie Christie. She is just messy. She says and does things knowing that it would piss off anyone and then play dumb. All of the drama were not quite her fault, this time but her reactions makes you almost not want to feel for her. Jackie is always putting 20 on 10 and you come to expect that about her. If she don’t put that alcohol down and get her life. SMH.

Now this issue started due to Evelyn donating money to Jackie Christie’s OTHER daughter’s son’s Go Fund Me account. Jackie made a big deal out of it. Of course, since Tami was angry with Ev at the time she tried to help keep it going but Jackie didn’t completely take the bait. Then Ev and Tami became “friends” again and then Jackie didn’t like it. They called it a ponderosa. I thought they were talking about the restaurant. It’s a steak house here in West Virginia. Urban dictionary says it’s a house or home of folks so…as suspected the terminology is misused.

So this goes on and on for a few episodes. blah. Then Jackie goes off on another cast mate. YAWN! Evelyn being who she is, felt the need to protect this woman. I cannot. I am sure that Ev could have been on the show without having to pick a fight with someone who really didn’t do anything to her. It wasn’t until Evelyn got a taste of her own medicine, (I had to chuckle. sorry!) that made Evelyn strike. After a long drawn out bullshit drama Jackie threw Evelyn’s own words towards her “You’re a non-Mother Fucking factor, bitch!” So now Ev has reached her boiling point and went to pounce. Ev says something about Jackie needing to take care of her grandchildren. Tami told Jackie who  didn’t realize Jackie didn’t hear what was said (maybe). Jackie responded by calling Ev’s daughter a build a whore. Wow!

People are mad talking about Ev started it. NO! Ev told her to take care of her grandchildren. She didn’t call any of them names. She didn’t do any of that. So I would say that once again, Jackie is putting 20 on 10 and that’s all.

This show is just sad this season. I keep hoping that it would get better but I find myself paying attention to ANYTHING other than the show. I am not sure if I am out growing the reality tv world or if it’s so obvious that it’s scripted. Why are we rehashing bullshit stories? Evelyn started out angry with Tami about the truth of her sleeping with a married man? They had one pow wow and it was squashed and they are homies again? In the words of Donald Trump, this is fake news. Lol. The Go Fund Me account had been closed for about a year maybe or close to it. Why are we discussing this now? It’s so obviously fake. They keep Jackie sauced up in order to either give her an excuse to act like a fool or that’s the only way she acts a fool.

I wonder if this is the way to break out again to do a show that would be just Jackie and the other folks and then another show with Ev, Shaunie, Tami, and maybe Jennifer? I am not sure. I am so bored this season. I was more interested in looking at my ceiling fan than this season. Either I have reached the point or age where I am tired of black women being the butt of jokes and playing into the negative stereotype or this season is just really bad. Are you telling me that you’ve married or dated well and you still act like that? You have money now but no class? You hadn’t learned emotional self control? I get that it’s called reality tv, but come on man. I hope Evelyn has her own show again and do what she’s doing. All of that fighting and anger and stress is not good for someone trying to have a baby.

BTW…Why are we not angry with Matt Barnes? He donated as well like 3K. In case none of you understand this corny beef, here’s a photo of the Sexy Matt and the precious baby that’s RICH Jackie Christie’s grandson.

Matt Barnes and the Grandson. Listen, my adopted mother and I did not have the best relationship BUT if my child was in this condition; no matter how she would have been feeling about me she would have been there for him. What’s wrong with Jackie?Matt-Barnes-donates-to-gofundme-Jackie-Christie-burned-grandson


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