Black-Rob at it again

Robert Kardashian, my goodness son. So in case you hadn’t heard all of the juicy gossip, Robert Kardashian got all up in his feelings and he wanted to let social media know what he was thinking. So between blasting Chyna with nude photos, and videos of her with other men, and screenshots of those broke and tired men sending him TEXT messages; he’s been telling it all.

So I sat and watched all of this fuckery unfold and all of the commentary on it and other’s opinions including Tami Roman, Snoop, and TIP and I have one question…

How da fuck did these men get his phone number?

I guess I had to be the one to ask this question. You know that I over think things but that’s the billion dollar question. He placed these men’s phone numbers on blast per screen shots but still.

I had to ask that question because it makes no sense. Did Chyna give these men the phone number? Why are we giving phone numbers to men who felt froggy enough to not only call the man but ask him for ends? This cannot be real y’all. I would like to think that men are not this desperate for attention that they would ask a famous ex boyfriend for a come up. SMH!

I guess if Chyna could allegedly send him this video of her making out with another dude, I guess she could give out his phone number.

Whether or not you like TIP, you have to admit that the man made sense. Yes Rob take your ass off of social media and quit putting your shit out there. My goodness. For someone who claims to not like the attention, you’d do anything for it.

Who does that remind you of?


Now don’t get me wrong, I like Robert Kardashian but not enough to make him out to be the victim here. I would like to believe that Chyna is not this witch that he is painting her out to be. I would like to believe that she’s sending him a message of back the hell up. Now, she has been known to take him back or at least look like she did but at the end of the day it never works out.

Let’s look at their “love” shall we. So it started out with a friendship with Kim Kardashian. Tyga went to perform for Kylie. Tyga started fucking Kylie. The friendship between Kim and Chyna ended. Chyna was left without a Kardashian friend and her husband or boyfriend or whatever. After a series of posts throwing shade between Chyna and Kylie, Chyna and Rob suddenly got close. They were exercising. See, the family pushed Rob to the side. As Rob would tell it, Mother Kardashian/Jenner paid attention to her daughters and neglected him. She wouldn’t help out with his sock line. So he disappeared, gained weight, and suddenly resurfaced with a hurt and betrayed Chyna.

We the people questioned the validity of their relationship. It’s strange how Kylie stole her man and the Kardashians trashed Robert like he was a no body. Since dating Chyna would get under their skin and a baby would ruin any real chances of Tyga and Kylie having children, well….good revenge plot. Nice for soap operas.


The problem with revenge plots is someone forgets that it was a game. Someone started to develop real feelings. This is totally against the playa handbook. Come on y’all. Really? Playa 101 you don’t fuck up your game by catching long term feelings for a temporary situation.

I am not saying that they both didn’t really develop feelings like that BUT things happened way too fast. They went from exercising Rob (he never lost weight to me but maybe you say differently) to being in a relationship. To getting her pregnant. To Getting engaged. To having a failed reality tv show. To then separating. Her leaving your home and taking the food and all. To getting back together. To this mess.

It makes me wonder if they really have this messed up relationship due to all of Rob’s alleged problems. If Rob is really this thirsty for attention although he claims to not like the media attention. If they are playing us for saps and since the Kardashian girls aren’t bringing in the attention that they used to, that Robert and Chyna is being used to sucker us back to the Kardashians.

Back to the whole TIP thing. Like him anymore or not the man was right. Unless all of this is once again another publicity stunt or a ploy to get us to attack Chyna while you once again play the victim Rob, keep your stuff off of the internet. How much in love could you have been with this woman to expose her kat to the internet? I can’t get behind that. Stripper or not, she is now a brand and her body is hers. If she wants to release nudes, then SHE should do so. Not you. I don’t view Rob as a victim anymore. He plays the role but not that well. Is Robert Kardashian the victim in all of this? Not alone. The only victim is that baby. That precious baby is caught in between the BS of her parents and their actions. That precious baby is all that I feel for in all honesty. I cannot feel sorry for Robert Kardashian. He built his new fame based on people feeling sorry for him. Not me. Not any more.

Now if things come out to where Chyna was just plain ole mean to him and stuff then I would change my views. Chyna could not have been in a relationship with Tyga for as long as she had and been good to him and felt the hurt that she felt when he left her for the 17 year old. I would love to give Chyna the benefit of doubt and say that on some small level she loved Rob but he may have been too much for her. Maybe being a woman joining that family could be too much. Who knows. I am not passing judgment on her. I want to wait to get a real statement from her.

Right now she’s single, loving life, and worry free. If her acting single when she’s single bothers him then stop sweating her. Get himself together for real and MOVE ON!


Author: kashavera

I am a published author with a lot to say.

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