Mo’Nique…What happened?

Like many of you I have been a Mo’Nique fan since Two Can Play That Game and The Parkers. So, when she won the Oscar for the movie Precious, like me, you thought she was going to be everywhere.

She disappeared and like you I wondered why?

Where the hell is Mo’Nique?

We find out she was black balled from the industry. Lee Daniels allegedly offered her the role of Cookie but it was taken and given to Taraji.

I can’t see Mo in that role anyway. Moving on, since then she has been going off. She went from one interview to another and was complaining. Unfortunately, she was given attention more for the negativity than anything.

Fuck Oprah

Fuck Tyler

Fuck Lee Daniels

The list possibly continues. I don’t have a problem with anyone speaking out against Bullshit. I do it often. I try to be careful to not cross the line. There’s a fine line between speaking out for a cause and looking plain ole bitter.

She deserves much better than $500,000. We cannot forget that she was black balled and Netflix was taking a shot. I say take it. Make your special and prove your worth. When we came and bought the numbers, next special demand more. She could have denied it all together and continued her comedy tours. She could have built herself up. Gain her fan base. In some cases, regained her fan base. Then went back to Netflix and negotiated.

I feel that Mo needs a better team. Some advisors who would guide her in the right direction. I know she’s worth more but when you’re black balled, you must prove yourself again.

She also could create her own doors. 22 to 25 years, did she not pay attention? She needs to do her thing and stop with the bitter act. I want to see her win. Take that anger and build her OWN empire. I believe the fans are just tired of the complaining. Go back to work. Speaking out is not a problem. Knowing your worth, again no problem. We just need you to get back to work. The new generation doesn’t know you like that. Amy whatever is not funny at all but she appeals to the audience she attracts. Make your move and stop tripping until you get more power.

Good luck to you Mo’Nique. Use the anger. Use the pain to build your own. You got this.


Author: kashavera

I am a published author with a lot to say.

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