Carrie Fisher The Death of A Princess.

Carrie Fisher, better known as Princess Leia from the Star Wars movies has passed away on 12/27/2016 at the age of 60 due to the complications of an heart attack she had some times last week. 

All of her Star Wars fans are deeply hurt by such a tragic loss. Her youthful image was used in Rogue One. I wonder what they are going to do now. They cannot get anyone else to play the princess. Carrie also authored a few books. Her latest one is somewhat of a tell all which includes her affair with the married Harrison Ford or Hans Solo. Harrison was sexy though and he aged well. If I were her I’d probably do the same. Just saying. She was touring her latest book shown here

I’m buying a copy and might do a review. On behalf of all of us Star Wars fans, Carrie, we love you and we will miss you so much. I cannot imagine Star Wars without you. May you rest in beauty.

May the force be with you. 

Again Lena. How about you think before you speak? Geez!

Do you remember this woman? She put her foot in her mouth the last time about Odell Beckham Jr. She went on this whole rant about how he didn’t even notice her and looked at his phone the whole time. Now this is the same woman who constantly calls attention to issues of being objectified by men. So had Mr. Beckham Jr. stared her down and asked her out, she would have gone on another tirade. Well, she went looking like the way she looked in the featured photo. Not all men are into women who looked like they could be in their locker rooms. She issued an apology but it didn’t stop the internet from going in and going hard on this confused woman.

Now she has her foot in her mouth again. Lena did a podcast where she talked about abortion. She was asked about her troubles with abortion and she had admitted that she never had one. Somewhere in the conversation she made the quote; “I wish I had an abortion.” Now when I first read the caption, I took it completely different than I did when I read the articles. At first I thought that she had a child and wished she had aborted it. Not being a listener of her diatribe, I didn’t know the content in which the statement was made.

I am all for the rights of women. I feel this woman takes things to such an extreme and I am disgusted by the way she sexualized Mr. Beckham. The brother is sexy but still. You tell men not to look. You tell men not to comment. You tell men not to say much of anything. So if you don’t want to attract the opposite sex, judging by the way you looked at that event; then why get angry when they give you what you want? See, this is why men go ape shit crazy. Most women are so confusing. I get annoyed listening to the conversations. I feel like I want to go to the women often and say “MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND BITCH!” Okay, that was harsh but still.

Women’s issues need to be discussed and understood. Once we get to that point, then we could get to actions. Women are often divided on whether or not abortions should be legal. The thing is, abortions are going to happen legal or not. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Lena touched on a very sensitive subject. This is a subject that literally creates waves. Women alone sway back and forth on the subject. There are women who’s had an abortion and are very pleased with their decision. It may have been difficult for some and not as difficult for others. There are others who’s had the abortion and regretted it and still do.

Lena should have THOUGHT BEFORE SPEAKING. That seems to be the issue with her. She doesn’t think before speaking and causes these storms that often outrages folks. This is an issue that should have been approached with caution. She should have been sensitive to the folks who actually listen to her diatribe. Now, after reading, I knew that she didn’t mean it the way that I took it at first. It was, however, quite insensitive. In addition to those who doesn’t believe that abortion is an answer, she should have been mindful of those who live with the regret of the decision to abort. In other words, she pissed off both sides of the argument.

Personally, I am not against feminism. I think it’s great to empower women to reach greater heights and create greener pastures. I hate the discrimination of feminists and I hate the hypocrisy of feminist. This is not the place for me to discuss heavy issues. I will discuss this further on my other blog site.

Lena had to apologize for being an ass. Then decided to throw money to fund abortions. Girl bye. How about you go back to acting, producing, and directing? Leave the deep thinkers to those who could articulate correctly. Who could be sensitive to the needs of the public. Granted you would not make everyone happy. Someone would get angry. Still, you should try to be political correct and tactful in your delivery. Make your point. Explain it then. Otherwise, you’re going to be always throwing money at the problem. Next time, there would be a person who would personally benefit from your “sizable donations.”

Y’all know how sue happy people could get. Just saying!


Alright, let me know what you think? Did you listen to the podcast? Do you follow her often? Are you a fan? Do you agree with what she said or disagree?

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Are Chyna and Rob Back On?

According to Yahoo Celebrity, it looks like Rob sent out a sweet Instagram message and @BlacChyna in it. He apologized to her for acting the way that he did. He told her that he was going to get some help for his issues. Then he put a photo up of their baby and said how the baby was his whole world.

AWE! How Sweet!

It’s not reported whether or not they are back together but we shall see. Here’s my beef with all of this…WHY SOCIAL MEDIA?

Listen, we all have beef with our loves a time or two or a million. I am in a committed relationship and we have problems from time to time. I don’t take it to social media. This is why I questioned in my last blog how real is this shit?

Are we going to have to deal with an explosion on social media every time there’s a problem? What about dealing with this stuff face to face? Whatever happened to calling someone on the phone? Why social media? I guess it’s all to keep them relevant. Chyna and Rob are cute enough that they don’t have to resort to suck fuckery. They should be able to have their relationship and keep it out of the media.

Is this the culture of reality television stars? All problems goes on social media. Whether they are together or not, they need to find a better solution to their problem. If Chyna feels that Rob is verbally abusive, then maybe she needs to keep him out of her life-like that. They could be friends, they could co-parent, but nothing more. The baby doesn’t need a hostile home environment.

Whether their beef was real or if it was fake it was entertaining, child. I just hope for the sake of the baby, they could keep it cool. Remember Rob and Chyna; your baby will get older. She will see all of this. Before getting married, the verbal abuse needs to stop. It will only get worse.

If they are going to work it out, then I wish them the best. If they are going to stay broken up, if they were really broken up, I hope they co-parent and get along for the baby’s sake. Dream Kardashian needs a dream home and family. Don’t turn it into a nightmare.



Good luck.

Nino Brown versus The Kardashians

Apparently this rapper is from the rap group Junior M.A.F.I.A. Junior Mafia was popular in the 90s. They did a lot with Bad Boy records with mogul Sean P.Diddy Combs. You could find them with the late Biggie and with Lil Kim. 

Out of the blue there’s a sudden beef with the Kardashian family. Now black men don’t go ham on these women so I’m suspicious. What’s up? Why? Nino Brown shared a telephone text message he exchanged with Kim Kardashian. It went like this: 

Yeah I wasn’t typing all of that. Now he’s saying that Kim’s attorney contacted him about the video he posted going off on YouTube. He said that if they gave him 5 million and left black men alone forever he would get rid of the video. 

😳Listen I am not exactly sold on this. The timing is interesting. When Kim was going to make her debut back into the spotlight after being away because of the robbery, Kanye West had a breakdown and was hospitalized. Then when he was discharged, Kim was coming out again but Kanye went to meet Donald Trump. She released a photo but no one cared. The photo featured her, Hilary Clinton, and Kanye. Again…no one cared. We were all bitching about Kanye and Trump. 

So now all of a sudden here’s a known rapper who has a “problem” with the family? It would seem to be another publicity stunt to get attention from the media and the public. No black man complains about the Kardashians. Why is her attorney contacting him over the internet? If they have each other’s personal phone number, then why opt for Social media? 

Law offices could send a private message to folks not close to the celebrity they represent. Yes they can. They could also get the social media page to take down content especially YouTube. Shout out to Loveli Ti who is constantly getting flagged for speaking the truth. Had the attorney knew her personal info they would contact her at home or on her phone. 

I am going to watch this closely. It would either suddenly go away or if this is real, Nino Brown could be charged with extortion. I do not trust the b.s. when it comes to them. I feel this is the way to get more fame by folks feeling sorry for them or getting more black women to attack them. For all we know, he could be using this for his own personal gain. 

No one hears about Junior Mafia like that. Maybe they’re making a comeback and need the controversy. He could be using the black woman’s disgust of the Kardashian family to get money from us. If they weren’t cool then how did he get her number? 

Kim would do anything for fame. She is obviously no match for her husband. I will sit back and watch this mess. Lets see what is going to happen.

Do you believe this is true? Is it for publicity?  Lets get the discussion started. Thanks for stopping by.  Check his YouTube channel for his rant. 

Stevie J, Stevie J, You ARE The Father

Although Joseline should be jumping with joy, she can’t. Stevie J is already making plans to make Joseline behave. Stevie wants Primary Physical Custody of the child. So in other words, the baby will live with him. Stevie is also asking the courts to grant him entrance into the delivery room and make Joseline drug test.


Well, as a person who worked alongside children’s services, babies have been automatically screened anyway. If Joseline was using any drugs while pregnant, it would show up. The baby would go through withdrawals and of course born addicted. Now some advertisements says that babies are no longer being tested. Is that true for Atlanta? Here in this state, they are. The drug epidemic is so high that I believe it may be automatic.

Lawd Stevie, why couldn’t you just be happy? Why are you trying to make this woman miserable? If you don’t want her, let her go. Don’t try to take her baby from her too. Stevie J is all about controlling Joseline. Knowing Joseline, it won’t go down like that. Plus Stevie was on television in Rehab a few times. He’s not a saint himself. I wonder what would the judge say to them both. I can’t help but to laugh at them. Then again, the judge may grant Stevie’s wish. I hope not. If Stevie is in the delivery room, it should be because Joseline let him in willingly. This poor child. What’s to come of this mess?

I see another Rob and Chyna bullshit in the making. Except, I don’t see Joseline hiring a cleaning crew or taking Stevie’s Egos.

Well Joseline honey, you have proven your point. I figured the baby would belong to him. Tsk Tsk. I hope that they could work it out. Like I said in an earlier blog, I love them together.

Well Stevie, looks like you couldn’t worm your way out of this one. You knew you were the father the whole time. Stop playing and go get your woman back. That child needs the both of her parents. This world is hard without parents period.


I can’t wait to see Joseline respond to this one child. I wonder how Mimi is handling it? Lesbian or not she loves her some Stevie J too. What is Stevie’s dick made of? It got these women going crazy. Alright Kash, stay away from the bus! Lol.

Leave me your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

I love New York Star, Tiffany New York Pollard is Back with Her Own Talk Show “Brunch with Tiffany”

Welcome home beautiful. I absolutely love New York. From the Flavor of Love to the I love New York seasons 1 and 2 and her other shows, I really missed her. She came back on a show called Family Therapy with her mother. She was pregnant and loss her baby. She made an appearance on Botched. Had a few small roles. She didn’t get to blow up in Hollywood but Reality Television is her thing. She was the first of the true Ratchet Queens on Television. That is if you don’t count “The Real World.” New York, in a sea of 20 women stole the spotlight and tried to win Flav’s heart not once but twice. I felt so sad for her that she lost. Then she was given the chance to win love on her own. The first season, the sexy Tango tango-sexy

Damn, brother still makes me drool. He dumped her on the reunion because she disrespected his mother. You know what. I don’t blame him. The mother of the man who you’re engaged to is off-limits, well on television anyway. The second season she brought together more men. They were divided between the internet winners, momma’s boys, and her picks. In the end, Momma’s boy George Tailor Made Weisgerber won her heart.


Tiffany said that after the cameras stopped rolling; he let the fame get to his head. He started acting different and possibly cheated so they didn’t last long. It showed in the show New York Goes to Hollywood I believe or Goes to Work. I forget. Sorry guys. Well, it showed that the love struck pair was no longer in love.

Now she’s back and reinventing herself. I am so proud of Tiffany. She has come a long way from having sex with Flavor Flav to now doing this. I would actually pay for television again just to see this. I would support Tiffany. Depending on the time, this girl may have to DVR the shows but still. I will watch. Will you? Here’s some of my favorite Tiffany images.

images7ahxf6w3 Flavor of Love before she was spat on by Pumpkin.

imagesjc8t366cSeason one of I love New York

As a girl with natural hair, I had to represent her natural look. Isn’t she beautiful? I like this look better than any others. Alright guys that’s all. Congrats New York. I can’t wait to see your show succeed.

I may blog about it.


Tell me what you think guys. Thanks for stopping by!

Stevie J and Faith Evans…really?

An unlikely match. I could see friendship but I can’t picture her being on the Stevie J Bus. Now if you don’t get the reference, then you’ve obviously never watched Love and Hip Hop ATL. Moving on…

So it was announced that Stevie J and the R&B singer Faith Evans are an official couple. I don’t like this pair at all. Is it real guys?  That left a bad taste in my mouth. I like Stevie with Joseline. I wish they would get a long much better. I don’t like the idea of Faith with him. She’s been cheated on already by the late Christopher Wallace, better known at Biggie Smalls or the Notorious B.I.G blogger-image-883286999

I want Faith to win romantically and I just don’t see that with Stevie J. I am not saying that the man could not have matured since the LHH franchise started with him and Mimi Faust. mimi-stevie-j-joseline

He was dogging Mimi out. Although many people looked down on Mimi, I felt bad for her. She loved that man so much and even gave him a daughter who is as cute as a button. I feel like Faith deserves better that a Stevie J. I wish that she did too. Stevie struggles with being faithful. His eyes and dick wonders way too much. Stevie and Faith was good friends, they should have left it that way.

Plus, do you really believe that Joseline is ever going to let Stevie go? Naw. Stevie can’t let Joseline go either. That pair continues to poke jabs at one another on Twitter. Stevie and Joseline, especially if the baby is his, will never break that bond. Baby or not, Joseline belongs to Stevie and Stevie belongs to Joseline. Faith, girl, you better step off now. If the Puerto Rican tornado hits, I feel for you girl. Joseline is a beast and not afraid to stomp anyone out of her way. Personally, I like them together. I bet if Stevie kept his dick to just her they would get along. You know Stevie, he has that bus and always looking for passengers. Please Faith you could do better.


No matter what, I know they love one another. They are just plain crazy. I hope the baby is his and they could work this crazy out to make it work for them. Why did their show bomb? I believe the nation was looking for more love and not drama between the two. Wait…Maybe that was just me? I can’t wait until they establish paternity. They look so cute together.

Wayment…What happened to Deelishis? Wasn’t it rumored that he was dating the Rumpshaker? Wait, she’s with Rick Ross right? I can’t keep up. Stevie, you have too many passengers on your bus boy. I hope you’re wearing condoms. Smh. Well, with the others.



Tell me your thoughts?