Stevie J, Stevie J, You ARE The Father

Although Joseline should be jumping with joy, she can’t. Stevie J is already making plans to make Joseline behave. Stevie wants Primary Physical Custody of the child. So in other words, the baby will live with him. Stevie is also asking the courts to grant him entrance into the delivery room and make Joseline drug test.


Well, as a person who worked alongside children’s services, babies have been automatically screened anyway. If Joseline was using any drugs while pregnant, it would show up. The baby would go through withdrawals and of course born addicted. Now some advertisements says that babies are no longer being tested. Is that true for Atlanta? Here in this state, they are. The drug epidemic is so high that I believe it may be automatic.

Lawd Stevie, why couldn’t you just be happy? Why are you trying to make this woman miserable? If you don’t want her, let her go. Don’t try to take her baby from her too. Stevie J is all about controlling Joseline. Knowing Joseline, it won’t go down like that. Plus Stevie was on television in Rehab a few times. He’s not a saint himself. I wonder what would the judge say to them both. I can’t help but to laugh at them. Then again, the judge may grant Stevie’s wish. I hope not. If Stevie is in the delivery room, it should be because Joseline let him in willingly. This poor child. What’s to come of this mess?

I see another Rob and Chyna bullshit in the making. Except, I don’t see Joseline hiring a cleaning crew or taking Stevie’s Egos.

Well Joseline honey, you have proven your point. I figured the baby would belong to him. Tsk Tsk. I hope that they could work it out. Like I said in an earlier blog, I love them together.

Well Stevie, looks like you couldn’t worm your way out of this one. You knew you were the father the whole time. Stop playing and go get your woman back. That child needs the both of her parents. This world is hard without parents period.


I can’t wait to see Joseline respond to this one child. I wonder how Mimi is handling it? Lesbian or not she loves her some Stevie J too. What is Stevie’s dick made of? It got these women going crazy. Alright Kash, stay away from the bus! Lol.

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I love New York Star, Tiffany New York Pollard is Back with Her Own Talk Show “Brunch with Tiffany”

Welcome home beautiful. I absolutely love New York. From the Flavor of Love to the I love New York seasons 1 and 2 and her other shows, I really missed her. She came back on¬†a show called Family Therapy with her mother. She was pregnant and loss her baby. She made an appearance on Botched. Had a few small roles. She didn’t get to blow up in Hollywood but Reality Television is her thing. She was the first of the true Ratchet Queens on Television. That is if you don’t count “The Real World.” New York, in¬†a sea of 20 women stole the spotlight and tried to win Flav’s heart not once but twice. I felt so sad for her that she lost. Then she was given the chance to win love on her own. The first season, the sexy Tango tango-sexy

Damn, brother still makes me drool. He dumped her on the reunion because she disrespected his mother. You know what. I don’t blame him. The mother of the man who you’re engaged to is off-limits, well on television anyway. The second season she brought together more men. They were divided between the internet winners, momma’s boys, and her picks. In the end, Momma’s boy George Tailor Made Weisgerber won her heart.


Tiffany said that after the cameras stopped rolling; he let the fame get to his head. He started acting different and possibly cheated so they didn’t last long. It showed in the show New York Goes to Hollywood I believe or Goes to Work. I forget. Sorry guys. Well, it showed that the love struck pair was no longer in love.

Now she’s back and reinventing herself. I am so proud of Tiffany. She has come a long way from having sex with Flavor Flav to now doing this. I would actually pay for television again just to see this. I would support Tiffany. Depending on the time, this girl may have to DVR the shows but still. I will watch. Will you? Here’s some of my favorite Tiffany images.

images7ahxf6w3 Flavor of Love before she was spat on by Pumpkin.

imagesjc8t366cSeason one of I love New York

As a girl with natural hair, I had to represent her natural look. Isn’t she beautiful? I like this look better than any others. Alright guys that’s all. Congrats New York. I can’t wait to see your show succeed.

I may blog about it.


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Stevie J and Faith Evans…really?

An unlikely match. I could see friendship but I can’t picture her being on the Stevie J Bus. Now if you don’t get the reference, then you’ve obviously never watched Love and Hip Hop ATL. Moving on…

So it was announced that Stevie J and the R&B singer Faith Evans are an official couple. I don’t like this pair at all. Is it real guys? ¬†That left a bad taste in my mouth. I like Stevie with Joseline. I wish they would get a long much better. I don’t like the idea of Faith with him. She’s been cheated on already by the late Christopher Wallace, better known at Biggie Smalls or the Notorious B.I.G blogger-image-883286999

I want Faith to win romantically and I just don’t see that with Stevie J. I am not saying that the man could not have matured since the LHH franchise started with him and Mimi Faust. mimi-stevie-j-joseline

He was dogging Mimi out. Although many people looked down on Mimi, I felt bad for her. She loved that man so much and even gave him a daughter who is as cute as a button. I feel like Faith deserves better that a Stevie J. I wish that she did too. Stevie struggles with being faithful. His eyes and dick wonders way too much. Stevie and Faith was good friends, they should have left it that way.

Plus, do you really believe that Joseline is ever going to let Stevie go? Naw. Stevie can’t let Joseline go either. That pair continues to poke jabs at one another on Twitter. Stevie and Joseline, especially if the baby is his, will never break that bond. Baby or not, Joseline belongs to Stevie and Stevie belongs to Joseline. Faith, girl, you better step off now. If the Puerto Rican tornado hits, I feel for you girl. Joseline is a beast and not afraid to stomp anyone out of her way. Personally, I like them together. I bet if Stevie kept his dick to just her they would get along. You know Stevie, he has that bus and always looking for passengers. Please Faith you could do better.


No matter what, I know they love one another. They are just plain crazy. I hope the baby is his and they could work this crazy out to make it work for them. Why did their show bomb? I believe the nation was looking for more love and not drama between the two. Wait…Maybe that was just me? I can’t wait until they establish paternity. They look so cute together.

Wayment…What happened to Deelishis? Wasn’t it rumored that he was dating the Rumpshaker? Wait, she’s with Rick Ross right? I can’t keep up. Stevie, you have too many passengers on your bus boy. I hope you’re wearing condoms. Smh. Well, with the others.



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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, Did they really break up?

Alright, I’m late but I am going to speak on this anyway. It was announced this weekend that Blac and Rob broke up…again and this time Chyna went all out. Home girl took the baby, her son, both rooms, and Rob’s food out of the house. She left him a pack of water in the fridge. He took to Instagram and made the world feel either sorry for him that Chyna would do that to him or pissed that he’s whiney.

Chyna then took to her NEW Instagram and wrote how she has being verbally abused by him and stressed out through out her whole pregnancy. She said that she had the baby because he asked her too. She focused in on his weight and how he was just lazy and doesn’t want to do anything.

At first I felt bad for Rob. He has no luck in relationships and now he has a baby. He referred to her as his girl. Then when I saw her post, before she deleted it, it made me angry. Then I had to stop and think about it. The Kardashian family is well-known for creating drama before they are about to showcase something. It dawned on me, they have a show that’s coming out about their daughter¬† Dream. Then all of this stuff like the “hacking” of her account and releasing conversations were just all suspect.

First of all, who has those types of conversations on the Net? The conversation with her attorney, what law offices practice like that? How is it that they are not conversing on the phone instead of the world-wide web? Then the conversation with her friend and all of those details about Rob. Once again, phone conversations should be had about the details that are obtained during those messages. I just had a hard time believing that all of this is real.

By this time next week, they would have “made-up” and looked like one big happy family. Rob said that Chyna left without him knowing. How? The place was cleaned out. Check the carpet, it was vacuumed. Do you see the streak marks in the carpet? It’s been vacuumed. What woman leaving a man without his knowledge actually takes the time to clean? Who could move out with all of the furniture if you’re leaving without the person knowing? So this is either a set up to remain relevant or he knew she was leaving and stayed away long enough for her to go. Come on Rob, we’re not stupid.4221396001_5252628330001_5252618949001-vs

There’s Rob looking all sad. They play it up pretty well. I really had hopes for this couple. I really wanted them to make it. I love them together. They are so cute. Rob always seems to get a raw deal. If he’s calling Chyna all kinds of bitches and whores then he needs to change that. Chyna, or no other woman for that matter, wants a man to be that shitty. No woman wants a cry baby for a man who has no goals and aspirations for life. She does. He needs to catch up.

Now if this is just a ploy to boost ratings for their show, then shame on them. They don’t have to do what the rest of the family does to boost ratings. They have more than enough notoriety to do something this stupid. If this is real, then they need to work it out to at least get along for the baby’s sake. There is an innocent life that’s alive and well. They need to put their petty B/S to the side and focus on their baby. They could co-parent without being a couple.

Rob, you need to get your shit together boo. You have a well-known name. You probably have some ideas. No woman wants a man who is lazy. You have mental health problems, well take your meds, go to therapy/counseling¬†and handle it. Your daughter needs you. If you love that woman so much, then don’t call her bitches and hoes. That’s not love. That’s verbal abuse.


Thanks y’all.

Do you think this is real? Do you think this is just a show? How long do you think it would take before they’re back together again? Do you think Rob would ever get his shit together? Holla at your girl in the comments below.

Check the carpet….hqdefault

Rest in Peace Alan Thicke

It was reported this morning that a legendary actor, Alan Thicke passed away last night (12/13/2016) of a heart attack. He was a wonderful actor and friend to many in the industry. He leaves behind a wife and three children as well as some grand children. I pray that God gives this family the peace that they need as well as the strength to get through the passing of this wonderful man. He has been on many shows besides Growing Pains. I recently debated a person on Twitter who said he wasn’t on Married with Children. Well, there he is.

Rest in love Alan.


President Elect Donald Trump has a sit down with Rapper Kanye West

Is it just me or does Trump look uneasy with Kanye. For them to have been friends for years, he looks uncomfortable. According to Kanye, he went to meet with the President Elect just to discuss multicultural issues. He arrived with is entourage at Trump Towers. President Elect Trump took the time to meet and greet with the rapper for about a half an hour and then came down to take photos for the press. Now Kanye says on Twitter “I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change. I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues. These issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and Violence in Chicago.” Then the rapper went on to say “#2024”

Brother please! Those issues would take at least two or more hours. Each issue is so complex that there’s no way to discuss that in 30 minutes. Now way. Not for a real open dialogue. The educational system is so messed up right now. The poorer the neighborhood (black and white) the worst it gets. Do you realize that children in rural West Virginia aren’t even being taught how to write in cursive? My old friend says that when her daughter was taken from private school and placed in public school, the girl wrote in cursive. Although she spelled every word correctly, the teacher deducted points and told her to write in print. Sad, isn’t it!

I am not sure what happened in those 30 minutes. That was enough time for President Elect Trump to say, “Now Kanye, we are going to go downstairs and play nice. You know the negro community is going to be angry with you at first. They love you and will move on. We are going to smile and act like we are true friends. That would get them to vote for me the next election. Kanye, I don’t want to hear any more of this 2020 nonsense. That’s my time.” Kanye agreed and they plotted some more. They even rehearsed what to say and what not to say. trump-kanye-west-759

Now that would take about 30 minutes. Not those so called discussions Kanye has claimed.

In listening to my favorite YouTube personality, Loveli Ti; I agree with her and I didn’t want to at first. Notice how Jay Z and Beyonc√© were tight with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama? Maybe Kanye was trying his hands at this president. President Obama can’t stand Kanye. Kim would have been a bad look for Michelle. With this President and First Lady, I don’t see how they all would be a bad fit. If that’s the case, then this is so childish.

I am thinking that with the way Trump ran his campaign and the fans that Kanye has, he could use Kanye as a tool of oppression. Maybe I am giving way too much credit or Trump has us all fooled. Trump could not be as racist or ignorant as he led his campaign for the past few months. Trump could be ready to take all of us minorities out. I guess we would have to see. Kanye, you just got out of the hospital man. Go to bed. Get some rest. Stop with the foolishness. Let’s not use Trump for your childish games against Jay Z and Beyonc√©.

What’s with the Blonde hair Kanye? You look a mess. I need the¬†old Kanye back. I need “Jesus Walks” Kanye back. I don’t like this new Kanye.

What do you think happened in that room? Do you think it’s possible to have a multicultural conversation with all of those topics in 30 minutes? Leave me your comments.


Tariq Nasheed and Tommy Sotomayor Beef.

Chile, as of 5:35 PM your girl was minding her own business browsing on her FaceBook’s timeline when I came across Tariq Nasheed’s post on it. He has a video of himself running up on Tommy Sotomayor while he was being interviewed on Vlad TV. Tariq was there to present him with the “Coin Train Award”. Then it got even messier hunty. 

During the video, Tariq asked him, “where’s all this killing at bro?” Wayment. Are you threatening people Tommy? Not a real brother like Tariq. Good luck with that.

While calling him by the puppet’s name, “Crispy” to his face, I was shocked and Tommy looked shocked with those two plastic WWE belts on his lap. Wtf? Why does this grown ass man have two plastic WWE belts on his lap? Then he was calling Tariq childish? Hmmm. 

Here is the thing guys. First of all I can’t stand Tommy and I love me some Tariq. I remember Tariq when he first started on The Flavor of Love Girls Charm School. I watched some of Tommy’s YouTube videos and they disgust me. Tommy is all about the hatred and anger towards black women, whereas, Tariq is all about educating and uplifting black people. 

Much like anyone, I don’t agree with everything someone says but with Tommy, I can’t follow anything he says. He starts this beef with folks on YouTube and sends his trolls to harass folks. Tommy is the saddest human being I have ever seen. He started beef with at least two female YouTubers such as my favorite Loveli Ti and  Soncerae Smith for a long time. 

Soncerae Smith responded a few times. I don’t think Loveli Ti did or maybe not many videos. Those sistas were harassed by his followers. He and Tariq got to going back and forth but I stopped.following Tommy’s videos. Soncerae Smith and her turmoil by a self hating black, hurts my heart and his followers makes me sad. 

Coon Train: Tariq has a few videos called coon train is coming. So funny. It features him and a few other people. 

Crispy: The Crispy puppet is about Tommy. Tariq has a whole series on it. Many find it funny. Others feel like the two brothers should shake hands and let go of the drama. 
I don’t know what really started this drama but I hope Tommy learned his lesson. Don’t run your mouth on a real brother like Tariq. I’ve watched a bit of Tariq’s videos and I could so see him running up on a fool. 

As Tariq said; go watch Hidden Colors. I want to watch all four I believe there are. So support your brother and buy. 

Tommy Sotomayor I can’t feel sorry for him. You can’t threaten people and think folks are going to take it well. I don’t care if you date white or non-black women, you don’t have to hate us. Whatever you need to do to fix your problem then do it. Not all black women are bad and we’re not all beasties. (Your title). 

Mixed reactions: There were mixed reactions online. While many of us Love Tariq many felt bad about it being done in front of two laughing white men. Vlad was there interviewing Tommy when Tariq ran up on him. They laughed most of the time. I could see where people felt that they found the humor in two black men going at it. 

I say that maybe they were laughing at the name calling and the shock to the system. Then again there’s a chance that they knew Tariq was coming. The whole time Tommy accused them of setting this up. I wondered how that interview went? 

Alright guys tell me what you think. Did Tommy deserve what he got? Did Tariq take it too far? Do you think it was just for views and attention? Holla at your girl. Leave me a comment below.