Evelyn Lozada’s Return to Basketball Wives

I don’t know about you but I love Evelyn…now. I appreciated her so much better on her own show on OWN. I thought she presented another side to her that was much better represented. When she had the chance to deck someone, that manager of hers she didn’t. I cannot see where returning to the Basketball Wives franchise would be a good look for her.

My thoughts of Evelyn on that franchise are one of two things; fights or crying. When she wasn’t fighting, she was crying over Chad. Her exit from the franchise turned a lot of people off. Now some people were touched that she shared such details on national television. I thought it was sweet. As much as I like feisty and fighter Evelyn, I liked the Evelyn on Living Lozada. I loved who she was and looked forward to returning to see her every Saturday. I hope that she doesn’t have to portray herself as ratchet anymore.

To be honest, I watch that franchise for the ratchetness and my thoughts of Evelyn has changed for the better. Seeing her act a fool for the cameras would diminish who I think of her to be now. I love Evelyn and who she shows herself to be on OWN. I don’t want VH1 to turn my Evelyn into a demon. She deserves better and she is much better than that. I love Tami but she better leave my Evelyn alone. Lol. I love Tami and I hope she and Evelyn could rehash things and come to better terms. I liked them as friends better than enemies. Us New Yorker’s got to stick together. You know what I mean?

I really want Royce and Susie back. Maybe even crazy ass Kenya Bell. I don’t care for the other guests. Maybe some of the original LA girls could come back and make it interesting. I don’t know what Shaunie O’Neal is thinking when she fired most of the other girls. With one exception…hmm. I hope she knows what she’s doing. I hope Evelyn doesn’t lose the Evelyn she developed on her show on OWN. I would hate for her to succumb to the fuckery of VH1. She has way more class than that. I also hope she keeps her spot on The Real. I love the way she is there too!


Tell me what you think. Should she be on the show? Do you prefer the Ev that fights all the time or the new one on OWN? Leave me your comments.


The K sisters suing Blac Chyna?

Did you read that mess all over the place? If Rob and Chyna get married, Chyna gets the name Kardashian. They are suing so that she doesn’t get to use their name for business purposes. WTF? It’s been said that they feel that Chyna would ruin their brand and their good name. So basically what I am reading is that the Kardashians don’t mind playing the role of a black woman but don’t want a real black woman representing them. I had to laugh when I read the VH1 post about this. I couldn’t help but to just giggle.

Well, it’s obvious that Chyna loves her some Rob. They have a beautiful baby girl and of course a baby could help put things in better perspective. I wish them well. Maybe Chyna is the first person to show Rob any real love. She was there when his own family turned their backs on him. I guess since he would never grace the GQ magazines then he’s nothing. I hope this is just all drama for television and not really what they are doing to their own kid/brother.

Rob and Chyna obviously adore one another. The sisters need to be happy that someone loves their brother. Oh…wait…did I forget something? That’s right. Kylie’s boyfriend used to be Chyna’s fiancé. They have baby King and everything. He went to perform for her birthday and they have been creeping ever since. Their relationship came public on her 17th year. Now isn’t that a thank you. Chyna and Kim were good friends. So of course if I were Chyna, my feelings would be butt hurt. Kim didn’t tell her sister no and what she did was wrong.

Wait a minute…hold up, that would have to mean that they have a conscious. You can’t steal the amount of men that they have stolen or breakup the families that they do and have a conscious. Black women beware of the hoes of the Kardashians. They have no souls to do what they do. It’s disgusting. They talk about ruining of their name? They’ve already besmirched the good name of Kardashian. Ever wonder why Kris Jenner, when she and Mr. Kardashian divorced that she went to clean houses of the same rich circle she ran with.

Now I have to give that woman her props. She strategize and got herself Bruce who is now Caitlyn. I can’t even. Then she was back in the circle. Then she turned around and got her daughter’s sex tape released and blew up. The Kardashian’s name was already on the brink of destruction. So we got a divorce. A sex tape. Oh and several broken homes and fake faces and asses to boot.

When I hear the name Kardashian, I don’t think good thoughts. I don’t think pillars of the community and good folks. I think whores and home wreckers. How does one steal a pregnant woman’s man and flaunt him all over social media? Start the shit and don’t care? Now I am not saying those men don’t hold any blame to their stupidity. They are just as dumb and deserve that Kardashian curse that would soon follow.

I think Chyna would be an authentic black woman in that family. Well she’s the only one that’s an adult. I think she would grow their brand and would expand their empire. Chyna would bring more black women in and have us a bit more interested. Kim and her sisters are just delusional. Then again, it could all be for the sake of fame. Maybe Chyna is already accepted. Maybe she’s already been welcomed into the Klan. If I were Chyna, I wouldn’t want a damn thing from them. Chyna is a smart woman. She went from being a stripper to doing her thing. So if the Kardashians are mad about that, they could go somewhere.

The Kardashians were born into a well to do life, at least until after the divorce. Who knows, maybe their dad kept them until he passed away. May he rest in peace. He was the only good thing attached to that name. publically, that family’s name has been ruined and turned into a joke. Granted they make their money but everything about them is fake. They have no originality. They stole everything. Their looks are fake. Their bodies are fake. Their whole existence in the industry is just fake.

I respect Chyna because she wasn’t born into a well to do family. She was born and raised in poverty. She did what she felt she had to do. Now she’s a household name. I am so proud of you Chyna boo, boo do your thing. If the Kardashian sisters are going to be like that, fuck them Chy. Don’t let them bully you with court or anything else. You don’t need the Kardashian name. By the way, Dream is a dream of Kim and all of her sisters because she was BORN black. So her features that may come will be hers. No need to go to the doctors and pick a face. Good job.

The Kardashians has stolen everything about the black woman and made plenty of money off of it. They couldn’t come to Hollywood looking like they did. Not all of them were ugly but Kim was not cute. They stole our features, our asses, our hairstyles and everything. They have made billions looking like us women. They even go to whatever black man is taken by whatever black woman and steal them too. The Kardashian women do not like black women at all. I feel that if Chyna was a white woman, none of this would be an issue. The Kardashian sisters reminds me of the old slave masters issues. Do you remember when the slave master would send poorer white folks into black homes to make sure they didn’t have too much? That’s who they make me think of. Those sistas had too much and the sisters got jealous and would steal what they think the sistas shouldn’t have. Bitches!

I wish I was the judge on the bench chile. I would look at the bullshit presented to me. I would look at them. Look back at the bullshit. Let them bitches talk. Laugh and tell them to get the fuck out of my courtroom with that bullshit. I would be like, while I am dealing with this piece of shit suit there are real people in trouble. I would make them go to jail for 10 days for wasting my time.

Well that was my two cents. What do you have to say? Should they sue to keep Chyna from using their name in business? Do you think this is stupid and childish? Do you think that they have a point? Lets get this discussion popping.


This is where I give my 2 cents on all of the Celebrity drama and gossip y’all. No matter where we are and what we have going on, celebs entertain us even off stage. Don’t you love it? Hey, if they want the attention, they’ll get it. Remember, this is my two cents only so if the “truth” comes out later, that’s them. I may give my two cents on their “truth”.

Hello all,

I have started this blog site because I have a lot that goes on in my mind, especially when I read the mess that goes on in Hollywood. I wanted to do something other than the seriousness all the time. I wanted to start this to have some fun. Throw some shade. Just start the buzz and get people talking. I hope you enjoy what you’ve read. I hope that you leave a comment just to say hi Kash, I was here.

Thanks Loves.