Stevie J, Stevie J, You ARE The Father

Although Joseline should be jumping with joy, she can’t. Stevie J is already making plans to make Joseline behave. Stevie wants Primary Physical Custody of the child. So in other words, the baby will live with him. Stevie is also asking the courts to grant him entrance into the delivery room and make Joseline drug test.


Well, as a person who worked alongside children’s services, babies have been automatically screened anyway. If Joseline was using any drugs while pregnant, it would show up. The baby would go through withdrawals and of course born addicted. Now some advertisements says that babies are no longer being tested. Is that true for Atlanta? Here in this state, they are. The drug epidemic is so high that I believe it may be automatic.

Lawd Stevie, why couldn’t you just be happy? Why are you trying to make this woman miserable? If you don’t want her, let her go. Don’t try to take her baby from her too. Stevie J is all about controlling Joseline. Knowing Joseline, it won’t go down like that. Plus Stevie was on television in Rehab a few times. He’s not a saint himself. I wonder what would the judge say to them both. I can’t help but to laugh at them. Then again, the judge may grant Stevie’s wish. I hope not. If Stevie is in the delivery room, it should be because Joseline let him in willingly. This poor child. What’s to come of this mess?

I see another Rob and Chyna bullshit in the making. Except, I don’t see Joseline hiring a cleaning crew or taking Stevie’s Egos.

Well Joseline honey, you have proven your point. I figured the baby would belong to him. Tsk Tsk. I hope that they could work it out. Like I said in an earlier blog, I love them together.

Well Stevie, looks like you couldn’t worm your way out of this one. You knew you were the father the whole time. Stop playing and go get your woman back. That child needs the both of her parents. This world is hard without parents period.


I can’t wait to see Joseline respond to this one child. I wonder how Mimi is handling it? Lesbian or not she loves her some Stevie J too. What is Stevie’s dick made of? It got these women going crazy. Alright Kash, stay away from the bus! Lol.

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Stevie J and Faith Evans…really?

An unlikely match. I could see friendship but I can’t picture her being on the Stevie J Bus. Now if you don’t get the reference, then you’ve obviously never watched Love and Hip Hop ATL. Moving on…

So it was announced that Stevie J and the R&B singer Faith Evans are an official couple. I don’t like this pair at all. Is it real guys?  That left a bad taste in my mouth. I like Stevie with Joseline. I wish they would get a long much better. I don’t like the idea of Faith with him. She’s been cheated on already by the late Christopher Wallace, better known at Biggie Smalls or the Notorious B.I.G blogger-image-883286999

I want Faith to win romantically and I just don’t see that with Stevie J. I am not saying that the man could not have matured since the LHH franchise started with him and Mimi Faust. mimi-stevie-j-joseline

He was dogging Mimi out. Although many people looked down on Mimi, I felt bad for her. She loved that man so much and even gave him a daughter who is as cute as a button. I feel like Faith deserves better that a Stevie J. I wish that she did too. Stevie struggles with being faithful. His eyes and dick wonders way too much. Stevie and Faith was good friends, they should have left it that way.

Plus, do you really believe that Joseline is ever going to let Stevie go? Naw. Stevie can’t let Joseline go either. That pair continues to poke jabs at one another on Twitter. Stevie and Joseline, especially if the baby is his, will never break that bond. Baby or not, Joseline belongs to Stevie and Stevie belongs to Joseline. Faith, girl, you better step off now. If the Puerto Rican tornado hits, I feel for you girl. Joseline is a beast and not afraid to stomp anyone out of her way. Personally, I like them together. I bet if Stevie kept his dick to just her they would get along. You know Stevie, he has that bus and always looking for passengers. Please Faith you could do better.


No matter what, I know they love one another. They are just plain crazy. I hope the baby is his and they could work this crazy out to make it work for them. Why did their show bomb? I believe the nation was looking for more love and not drama between the two. Wait…Maybe that was just me? I can’t wait until they establish paternity. They look so cute together.

Wayment…What happened to Deelishis? Wasn’t it rumored that he was dating the Rumpshaker? Wait, she’s with Rick Ross right? I can’t keep up. Stevie, you have too many passengers on your bus boy. I hope you’re wearing condoms. Smh. Well, with the others.



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Why is Tommie Beefing with Joseline?

images6uj5tt51Tommie still trippin on Joseline Hernandez. Recently she released a video going hard on Joseline. Smh. I cannot with you Tommie. Well as Tommie went in on my girl Joseline, the internet went just as hard on Tommie. Now listen, to be honest with you I did not believe the pregnancy announcement. I feel bad for not believing it but I felt it was too coincidental. This announcement came out right after it was rumored that her show was cancelled. Stevie J had a new show and she was not on it. Not to mention Stevie was rumored to have been dating Faith Evans.

I thought it was another one of Joseline’s little plans to get her man back. Then as time went on, there was a bump. I still doubted it. Then that bump grew. Then I believed it. She looks beautiful. Pregnant works well for her and I hope she has a great delivery and a wonderful motherhood. I hope that this baby would change her life in a way that she couldn’t even imagine. I wish Joseline well.

Well, not Tommie. Tommie still have beef with her and Tommie needs to sit her ass down somehwere. First of all, why are we threatening pregnant women? The woman don’t have time for anyone’s bullshit right now. I am so proud of Joseline because she don’t have time to be worrying about Tommie coming across thirsty as hell. That’s what she’s looking like y’all. Thirsty and tired. How tacky of a person do you have to be to attack a pregnant woman?

Joseline, girl, even when that baby arrives you need to focus on that blessing and not that mess who needs you for fame. Tommie, don’t you have other things you could do besides start shit with Joseline? You were on Love and Hip Hop, so what do you do boo? It’s rumored that her story line was fake as hell and all she did was turn her rage on Joseline. Shouldn’t she be mad as hell at Karlie Redd? Smh.

Joseline you do what you do and take care of that baby that I am sure will be beautiful. Tommie, girl, get a job.

Finding a photo of Tommie not looking crazy or arrested was not easy y’all. That was the nicest picture that I could find. Sorry if anyone was offended.

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