Are Chyna and Rob Back On?

According to Yahoo Celebrity, it looks like Rob sent out a sweet Instagram message and @BlacChyna in it. He apologized to her for acting the way that he did. He told her that he was going to get some help for his issues. Then he put a photo up of their baby and said how the baby was his whole world.

AWE! How Sweet!

It’s not reported whether or not they are back together but we shall see. Here’s my beef with all of this…WHY SOCIAL MEDIA?

Listen, we all have beef with our loves a time or two or a million. I am in a committed relationship and we have problems from time to time. I don’t take it to social media. This is why I questioned in my last blog how real is this shit?

Are we going to have to deal with an explosion on social media every time there’s a problem? What about dealing with this stuff face to face? Whatever happened to calling someone on the phone? Why social media? I guess it’s all to keep them relevant. Chyna and Rob are cute enough that they don’t have to resort to suck fuckery. They should be able to have their relationship and keep it out of the media.

Is this the culture of reality television stars? All problems goes on social media. Whether they are together or not, they need to find a better solution to their problem. If Chyna feels that Rob is verbally abusive, then maybe she needs to keep him out of her life-like that. They could be friends, they could co-parent, but nothing more. The baby doesn’t need a hostile home environment.

Whether their beef was real or if it was fake it was entertaining, child. I just hope for the sake of the baby, they could keep it cool. Remember Rob and Chyna; your baby will get older. She will see all of this. Before getting married, the verbal abuse needs to stop. It will only get worse.

If they are going to work it out, then I wish them the best. If they are going to stay broken up, if they were really broken up, I hope they co-parent and get along for the baby’s sake. Dream Kardashian needs a dream home and family. Don’t turn it into a nightmare.



Good luck.


I love New York Star, Tiffany New York Pollard is Back with Her Own Talk Show “Brunch with Tiffany”

Welcome home beautiful. I absolutely love New York. From the Flavor of Love to the I love New York seasons 1 and 2 and her other shows, I really missed her. She came back on a show called Family Therapy with her mother. She was pregnant and loss her baby. She made an appearance on Botched. Had a few small roles. She didn’t get to blow up in Hollywood but Reality Television is her thing. She was the first of the true Ratchet Queens on Television. That is if you don’t count “The Real World.” New York, in a sea of 20 women stole the spotlight and tried to win Flav’s heart not once but twice. I felt so sad for her that she lost. Then she was given the chance to win love on her own. The first season, the sexy Tango tango-sexy

Damn, brother still makes me drool. He dumped her on the reunion because she disrespected his mother. You know what. I don’t blame him. The mother of the man who you’re engaged to is off-limits, well on television anyway. The second season she brought together more men. They were divided between the internet winners, momma’s boys, and her picks. In the end, Momma’s boy George Tailor Made Weisgerber won her heart.


Tiffany said that after the cameras stopped rolling; he let the fame get to his head. He started acting different and possibly cheated so they didn’t last long. It showed in the show New York Goes to Hollywood I believe or Goes to Work. I forget. Sorry guys. Well, it showed that the love struck pair was no longer in love.

Now she’s back and reinventing herself. I am so proud of Tiffany. She has come a long way from having sex with Flavor Flav to now doing this. I would actually pay for television again just to see this. I would support Tiffany. Depending on the time, this girl may have to DVR the shows but still. I will watch. Will you? Here’s some of my favorite Tiffany images.

images7ahxf6w3 Flavor of Love before she was spat on by Pumpkin.

imagesjc8t366cSeason one of I love New York

As a girl with natural hair, I had to represent her natural look. Isn’t she beautiful? I like this look better than any others. Alright guys that’s all. Congrats New York. I can’t wait to see your show succeed.

I may blog about it.


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